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Blue Lips Scorcher is a captivating Dub Reggae Band from Zurich, Switzerland, teaming up with the Swiss – South African Singer Nongoma. The distinctive musical essence of the group is characterized by heavy roots baselines, enriched with a fusion of enchanting melodies dubbed by echoes and delays.

The band has been active in the reggae scene since 2008. The musicians consistently venture into experimental sound expeditions, crafting a repertoire of their own original compositions complemented by classical elements of roots rock reggae. After a musical pause the group reformed in 2024 joining forces with Nongoma.

Band members: Nongoma (voc), Enzo (git), Tino (dr), Gianni (keys), Carmelo (bass)

More on Nongoma:


Live Rehearsal Recordings 2024
So much Fire (2024, Zion Train)
One Life (2024)
Revelation Time (2024)
Radio (2024)

Sargeant Cruel (2016)
Bear this pain (Live version, feat. Baba Fayastudent, 2017)
Boredom (Live version, feat. Baba Fayastudent, 2017)

Tour Dates

Gigs 2022

18.04.2022 Flösserplatz Aarau

Gigs 2017

21.08.2017 Remembar, Badenfahrt Baden

Gigs 2016

13.05.2016 Barrio5 , Zürich
17.06.2016 Bärenkeller, Aarburg
24.6.2016 Langstars Cafe, Zürich
09.07.2016 Hunzikerfest, Zürich,
29.07.2016 Openair Sur les Pavés, Parkplatz Areal, Zürich
21.08.2016 Openair Rock the Frog, Hugelshofen
10.09.2016 Kaff, Frauenfeld
15.09.2016 Schlaflos, Reggae Dub Jam, Aarau
16.09.2016 Aare Chill Lounge, Aarburg
28.10.2016 Kunsthochschule, Bern

Gigs 2015

23.10.2015 Langstars, Zürich
03.07.2015 Bärenkeller, Aarburg
23.05.2015 Openair, Andelfinden
22.05.2015 Afropfingsten, Winterthur (Off Festival Teuchelweiher)
24.04.2015 Langstars, Zürich
28.02.2015 KuBaa, Affoltern Zürich

Gigs 2014

29.11.2014 Mundwerk, Zürich
08.11.2014 AA-Jam, Aadorf
29.09.2014 Langstars, Zürich
23.08.2014 Kaff, Frauenfeld
24.05.2014 Rössli, Stäfa

Gigs 2013

13.05.2013 Gleis 13, Luzern
14.09.2013 AA-Jam, Aadorf

Gigs 2010

22.11.2010 Second Floor, Schwerzenbach
20.06.2010 Kulturwerk 118, Sursee, feat. Bondaa & Sille
04.06.2010 Kanzlei, Zürich, feat. Jam. Rapper Wassigan

Gigs 2009

23.12.2009 Art & Bar, Wohlen
21.11.2009 Kulturfabrik, Wetzikon
23.10.2009 Mehrspur Music Club, Zürich
11.07.2009 Openair Metzgplatsch, Lenzburg
02.07.2009 Maienzug Vorabend, Aarau
27.06.2009 Stadtfest 800 Jahre, Bremgarten
11.06.2009 Kappelerhof, Wohlen
29.05.2009 Afropfingsten, Winterthur (Off Festival Oase)
15.05.2009 Baronessa, Lenzburg
04.04.2009 Bärenkeller, Aarburg

Gigs 2008

25.10.2008 Turbine Theater, Langnau
27.09.2008 Mehrspur Music Club, Zürich
06.09.2008 Festival Stradacolo, Lenk
05.09.2008 Dampfschiff, Brugg
04.07.2008 Openair Dorffest, Endingen
13.06.2008 Festival des Arcs, Ehrendingen
14.05.2008 Ventil, Baden

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Enzo Deubelbeiss

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